Winter 10 Days in Japan – Day 2, Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market – While it was still in Tsukiji
“You have never tasted real sushi unless you eat at Tsukiji”. I always thought this was exaggeration. After visiting Tsukiji, I realized that IT IS TRUE (even if it’s annoying to hear). The first time I went, I queued at Sushi Daiwa for over 2 hours. I thought to myself “this better be worth it”, and it was. Otoro (fatty tuna) that melts in your mouth, Uni (sea urchin) that is so sweet it tastes like the sea, and Ikura so fleshy it feels like there is real meat in it. The omasake set cost only 3500yen (S$44) and it comes with tasty authentic miso soup, and a bunch of other sushi that taste equally good.

This time round in Tsukiji, I didn’t hesitate to join the queue at Sushi Daiwa. In the cold of approx 4 degrees, I waited for about 1 hour plus for what could be the best sushi in the world – and it was still totally worth it.

16641085_10154398643258763_1006363903631289559_n (1)
Fun fact: Friendly competition takes place between father and son. Sushi Dai (another famous restaurant in the Tsukiji circle) and Sushi Daiwa. They compete to see who gets the best fish for the day.
Winter is the best time to eat Otoro because the tuna is at its fattest, conserving its fats.
16711521_10154404806413763_4817678257859452315_nJust can’t get enough of winter tuna.

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