5 Days 4 Nights in Hong Kong/Macau – Day 4

Day 4 – Kam Fung Cha Chaan Ting, Macau, Taipa Village, Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul


Kam Fung Cha Chaan Ting

Kam Fung Cha Chaan Ting

This is the Cha Chaan Ting that is famous for their Chicken Pie. We went at around 9am and the queue was approximately 30 minutes (for 2 pax). Their chicken pie was out of stock, so we ate some other breakfast items while waiting for the chicken pie.

Boluo Yau

Their food was pretty oily overall. My Boluo Yau was meant to be buttery, but even the bun felt oily. My sister-in-law ate their luncheon meat sandwich, and their luncheon meat was super oily too. Even after dapping it with tissue, it was still too oily.

Finally, their chicken pie is fresh out of the oven, and it was disappointing. I have read alot of reviews about how cripsy and tasty this heavenly chicken pie was, but it was not. Their crust was slightly better than average pies, but the insides were pretty gross. The first problem was too sweet, and then they had this cream within the pie that was too lumpy, it felt like it wasn’t properly cooked. I went on Boxing day, so maybe their normal standard is better? But i think good food establishments maintain their standards, which is what distinguishes them from the others (like Yat Lok, forever busy one).

Getting to Macau from Hong Kong
Getting to Macau is pretty straightforward, just take the Turbojet or Cotai Jet and get the tickets at Shun Tak Centre at Sheung Wan MTR Station exit D. I strongly recommend getting your tickets the day before or getting there super early, before 9.00am (if you are travelling on weekends). We made a HUGE mistake by going there thinking that there will be tickets available, but the earliest ferry was 3 hours later. Note that Turbojet ferries leave once every 15 minutes, so image the crowd going over to Macau. Once again, maybe it was because Boxing day, but our experience was ruined because we had to purchase tickets 3 times the price from touters.

When you arrive at Macau, you need to take an underpass to the bus terminal. On the left, there will be shuttle buses going to the cortex gallery (Galaxy, City of dreams, Parisan, and Venetian). You can also cross the bus terminal to find other shuttle buses going to hotels on the main island.

We took the shuttle bus to the Venetian to explore the biggest casino. P.S. I’m not a gambler.

Taipa Village
Near the entrance of Venetian, there is a travellator leading to Taipa Village. We took that route and got there in about 30 minutes. We got a little lost, until we started to see the crowd again. The road you are looking for will be “Rua Dos Clerigos”.

Taipa Village is like a foodie land. There is just so much to eat and so little tummy! The first thing i was craving for was Curry Fishballs while my family ate Pork Lard Noodles (猪油渣面). The Curry Fishballs were the best i had in Hong Kong and Macau but i forgot the shop name. It was right opposite 大利来记猪扒包 though.

Macau Snacks
Taipa Village’s Snacks

And of course, i had to try the pork chop bun from 大利来记, the original. As the one in Singapore Nex Outlet really sucks, i tried to convince myself that usually the franchise fucks it up and the original taste better, but i was once again disappointed. It was dry…


By the number of disappointments i had, my tummy was a little bloated. But all the way to Macau, and i saw Lord’s Stow’s Portuguese Egg Tarts and i just couldn’t give up on eating this! It was the saviour of the day as it was one of the best egg tarts i’ve had in Hong Kong/Macau.

Just look at the customer’s happy face coming out from Lord’s Stow Portuguese Egg Tarts!

 Senado Square
From Taipa Village bus stop, we took bus 11 to Senado Square. Christmas lights there was the best ever! During non-festive periods, i wonder why would people visit Senado Square though…

Christmas Lights
My company does Festive Lightings and i’m impressed!

Ruins of St. Paul
Senado Square is also walking distance to the Ruins of St. Paul. It was destroyed by a fire by only the front remains and was converted into a UNESCO heritage site. Look out for the signages “大三巴” around Senado Square to get there.

16427667_10154375855658763_8175987564373239666_nRuins of St Paul

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