5 Days 4 Nights in Hong Kong/Macau – Day 3

Day 3 – Capital Cafe, Ocean Park, Temple Street

Capital Cafe


Capital Cafe’s main outlet is at Wan Chai, but they have an outlet at Mong Kok too!

Capital Cafe is my favourite Cha Can Ting in Hong Kong! Their scrambled eggs taste better, their milk tea taste better, and serve this cheap and fattening bun with CONDENSED MILK.

16121563_10154333519233763_1607719124_oToasted French Bun
16144904_10154333526003763_501118224_oTruffle Scrambled Egg Toast

I would recommend Capital Cafe to try out what the real Cha Can Ting in Hong Kong taste like, because i feel that the others have either deteriorated from the fame and bustle, or really isn’t that good to begin with. Directions from Mongkok here!

Ocean Park
To get to Ocean Park, people used to have to take the bus. Now, simply take the metro directly to the Ocean Park station! It is also recommended to pre-purchase your tickets in advance as you may be able to save up to SGD$10 per pax! If you want to experience the maximum Ocean Park has to offer, you should check out the show timings and plan your route in advance.

Ocean Park is basically split into 3 segments. The left is where you enter, and to get anywhere else you need to either take the Ocean Express or the Cable Car. This was how i navigated around Ocean Park:

Ocean Park Map 1
Simplified Ocean Park Map

Amazing Asian Animal: I went early morning to see both the Panda and Red Panda Feeding. Was also in time for the first show of Emperor of the Sky. But the show was boring and not worth the wait.

Panda and Red Panda
Panda and Red Panda Feeding!

Thrill Mountain: Took the Ocean Express up, and this was where all the exciting rides were. I took the Bumper Car and Hair Raiser. The Hair Raiser was not as scary as it seemed, but it was already considered the most thrilling ride available in the park. The view from the roller-coaster was very nice though – 有山有水.

Hair Raiser

We also had our lunch at Thrill Mountain, the Clown Kiosk. Moral of the Story: bring your own bento in. We paid approx. $10 per head to eat ketchup-covered EVERYTHING. We ordered pork chop baked rice and mac and cheese. I do not understand why ketchup is in everything, even mac and cheese…

Polar Adventure: Cute Penguins, Seals, and Sealions! Was hoping that there would be some Polar Bears here but i guess the maintenance was too high. The polar animals were very cute though.

Rainforest: We skipped this zone as there was only a wet ride here and we did not feel like getting wet.

Summit: Was in time for the final Ocean Wonders show. It was much better than the birds show…

Dolphins doing flipping!

Also went to take the Flying Swing and Dragon Roller-coaster.

Aqua City: Walked around the Old Hong Kong Street. Decided not to stay for the Symbio Show as it was merely stage flame effects.

When considering between Ocean Park and Disneyland Hong Kong, my choice was obviously going to be Ocean Park since it is a theme park and zoo combined. I realized that the entrance fee was also way lower that Disneyland despite running higher operational expenses (feeding animals, paying for trainers and animal caretakers, maintaining animal enclosures). Ocean Park also encourages environment and animal protection. Do support them if you can. 🙂

Temple Street
To get to Temple Street, take the metro to Jordan Station exit A, and follow the directions here.

香辣蟹 (Xiang La Xie) is the first 大排档 (Da Pai Dang, also known as street hawker) you will see when you pass the gantry on Temple Street. Their food is fresh and the price is pretty reasonable, but we had 5 people. Since there is only standard serving i guess it would be pretty costly to eat there as a couple.

Live seafood waiting to be eaten

I would revisit.

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